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About Us

The natural world is what gives us life and through it we share our vision with you  — Koiwolf

Have you ever immersed yourself in a natural environment, removed from technology, day to day pressures and everything you know to be familiar and routine?

Did you feel different, more relaxed? Or perhaps more alert and in tune with yourself and the world around you? 

For many of us being aligned with our bodies and most natural selves is a lost art. Growing up in a small Canadian town during the dawn of the internet made me no exception. I spent much of my young adult life allowing alluring ideologies to convince me the greater more lovable version of myself was just beyond the perfect outfit, the admired achievement or an exciting social status. Lucky for me I was never very good at simulating mainstream stereotypes.

 Greetings and welcome! Your visit is an honor to us. My name is Tess Hamilton and I’m the designer and co-creator of Koiwolf alongside my dashingly handsome partner, Andres de la Mora and a magical fur creature “Koiyote” companion we like to call, Solovino.

The Koiwolf Bikini Line was inspired by the castaway lifestyle I’d been living for many years in Coastal Mexico. It was in the depths of the tropical jungle or on the cusp of an enormous wave that I discovered the breath-taking power of being natural. It was the moments I stripped down to bare feet and nothing but a sheen of sweat to cover my body that I felt most beautiful.

“I experienced the natural world as a conduit for healing and from that the concept of a natural bikini was born.”

With so many synthetic toxic materials saturating our most intimate garments, disseminating the healing properties of mother earth through a bikini is our first effort to expand consumer consciousness. We believe wrapping yourself in quality sourced fabric transmits self-care and personal esteem on a physical and psychological level. Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced economy, sourcing Certified Organic Textile Suppliers has been one of our greatest challenges. Although we’re very proud to launch our first collection we’re even more excited to transition to strictly certified organic and non-petroleum derived fabrics.  More on that to come!

*Keep an eye out for future blog posts on conscious living, the health benefits of wearing natural clothing and the disturbing realities of the textile industry.

Koiwolf is more than just a bikini company. It’s the outset of an all inclusive eco-conscious community that conveys ethical and sustainable practices through quality handmade goods. Our online platform is a place we celebrate the natural greatness of women while advocating the importance of living responsibly within the means of the planet and its workers.

When women value themselves they feel better. When women feel better they are capable of anything!”

Our company is really small and just getting started. We want to go the distance while staying true to our mission and learning from our mistakes along the way. Our bikinis are handmade by yours truly, Andres and myself in our studio apartment. Solovino is always around for moral support. We’re starting production with 100% cotton fabric, sourced from the markets of Mexico.

They are not sewn or lined but instead designed to look torn and tied leaving their edges raw and exposed. An attribute that personifies the grandeur of being unapologetically wild and feral. “

We want to learn and share what it means to be a responsible retailer while encouraging our community to consume consciously and support us in improving any way we can.

We’re kicking things off with an online product launch before we plan to hit the road and commence a tour of popups throughout Canada, the US and Mexico. Follow us on the gram @koi.wolf and Facebook @koiwolfofficial to keep up with the ongoing adventure.

We’re playing things by ear so stay tuned by signing up for our email list and receive exclusive discounts and details about the company.

Thanks again for stopping by, we look forward to growing this community together.

Koiwolf is currently donating 10% of its profit to The Sugar Bird Foundation, a small private charity that focuses on four areas - Poverty, Mental Health, Ecology, and Community.